"Who Da Man?"


I’ve recently been watching Sanctuary. OK, watching is an understatement, I’ve recently been getting hooked and addicted to Sanctuary, it is brilliant! So far I’ve seen all season I and half of season 2, and I’ve been watching for a month, shows how hooked I am!  My only real problem with the show is that CGI is always obvious, so the virtual sets are noticeable, but I can ignore the fact they’re CGI, it’s what the producers like, and I CAN like it too.

I’ll admit another problem I have with it, the season 1 end credits are MUCH better than 2, at least we still have the the opening credits, Joel did a fantastic job. Sicking to the music, it’s brilliant! It really does help the show get the feeling the cast and crew were after, I love it. Are there soundtracks? I haven’t done much research on that front. If there aren’t maybe we fans could ask if they can get some out. Preferably like the Doctor Who soundtracks, one a season, you get lot of music in that format, it really works well.

Moving on to the acting… it’s amazing! Every scene, from the main cast, is perfect and believable, I love it. As a young training actor myself it’s inspirational!

Over all HUGE congratulations are due to everyone involved! Thank you all.

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