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I’m moving!

Now don’t get worried, this is only for improvements, in fact, it’s already been quite helpful. I wouldn’t blame you if you’re wondering what ‘It’ is, given the complete lack of information! The ‘It’ in question is not in fact a disembodied walking hand, it’s the fact that I’ve registered a domain. That’s right, Who Is The Man can now be found at www.whoisthemanpodcast.com, there’s no .Wordpress.com needed.

This blog will stay up, but the main activity will happen at the new website. Everything will be just like normal (well, as close to normal as I can get), just somewhere else.


This is quick extra episode with my thoughts on the episode Father’s Day, and the event itself (which it is today, here in Australia). Enjoy, and Happy Father’s Day Dad and Grandads out there!

Next time it’s Asylum Of The Daleks (New Who, Woo Hoo!), send your feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

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It’s my review of The Long Game. Next time it’ll be new first episode of season 7, The Asylum Of The Daleks, and my 50th episode! And the 2nd anniversary of the podcast too!

Send me your thoughts of Asylum to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

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In this episode, number 48, I talk about the episode Dalek and give you the ‘news’ (although it’s never new when I talk about it!) of the air dates of the first episode of Season 7, Asylum of The Daleks.

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Please note this is recorded on a MacBook Pro using Garageband and Rhys (I. I’ve chosen to speak in the third person) is not used to it.

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So we’ve had the air dates confirmed for the first episode of season 7 – Asylum of The Daleks – on the BBC and BBC America. UK residents (rightly so, I’m sure they’d say) will see it on BBC1 on September the 1st at 7.20pm. Those of you in America will be able to see the episode at the same time of evening but a week later on the 8th. Sadly for we poor Australians the ABC hasn’t confirmed an air date. It’ll most likely be the 8th too, which means we’ll have to avoid spoiler even harder (#FirstWorldProblems).

Anyway, to keep the excited juices flowing, enjoy these trailers for the up coming episodes:




P.S if you wouldn’t mind tuning into the podcast where I’ll review the episodes once I’ve seen them. Oh, and until the episodes get here I’m review season 1, I’m doing Dalek, let me know your thoughts by sending them to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

In this is episode I struggle to be positive about Aliens Of London and World War Three.

Next time it wont be so hard for me to be positive about the episode I’l be reviewing, because it’s Dalek! Send me your thoughts to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

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In this episode I review The Unquiet dead and make the announcement (for those of you who haven;t heard about it yet) that Who Da Man is on YOUTUBE! In fact there are two episode up there already, here’s episode two:

Next time I’ll be reviewing Alien’s Of London and World War Three and I’d love it if you sent feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

Here is the first ever ‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast VIDEO episode!

It’s just me saying hello really.

No I’m not going to pretend that I invented YouTube, it’s just that there’s going to be some videos from me soon!

I may copy (rip-off) the cool guys and gals (well, gal) at The Omega Podcast and do some video episodes, and some audio episodes. The video episodes might – if I can figure out this video making beeswax – contain short (I’ll do my best) movie reviews, or book recommendations and the like and maybe¬† more.

So not only will you be able to find the show and things related to it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/134244883285845/

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But you’ll also be able to find me on YouTube.

As the name of the episode might suggest, this time round The End Of The World is reviewed.

Please send your feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

Next time, it’s The Unquiet Dead, feedback would be lovely.

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