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‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 49: A show with Long Names

It’s my review of The Long Game. Next time it’ll be new first episode of season 7, The Asylum Of The Daleks, and my 50th episode! And the 2nd anniversary of the podcast too!

Send me your thoughts of Asylum to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

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‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 47: Podcast with mass distraction

In this is episode I struggle to be positive about Aliens Of London and World War Three.

Next time it wont be so hard for me to be positive about the episode I’l be reviewing, because it’s Dalek! Send me your thoughts to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

Thank you to The Doctor Who Cub Australia for tweeting & retweeting for this epiosde. Follow them here @drwhoaustralia and visit their website here: http://doctorwhoaustralia.org/

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‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast audio episode 46 The Unquiet Podcaster (obviously!) & video episode 2

In this episode I review The Unquiet dead and make the announcement (for those of you who haven;t heard about it yet) that Who Da Man is on YOUTUBE! In fact there are two episode up there already, here’s episode two:

Next time I’ll be reviewing Alien’s Of London and World War Three and I’d love it if you sent feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

‘Who’ – Is The Man Video episode 1!

Here is the first ever ‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast VIDEO episode!

It’s just me saying hello really.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 44 Roses are red, TARDISes are Blue

I’m happy to say that episode 44 of has arrived without too much of a delay. This time round I metaphorically travel back in time and review the first episode of New Who, Rose.

Next episode I’ll review The End Of The World (the episode obviously).

If you have any thoughts on anything covered and too be covered please send your feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

If you’re on Tiwtter follow the show at: @WhoITMPodcast

‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 36: A Podcast, In A Blog Post On The Internet

In this episode I talk about the Technology in Doctor Who, the film Inception, and Hans Zimmer and his amazing work.


Please send your feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com, join the Facebook group, and follow the show’s Twitter account; @WhoITMPodcast.

As I say at the end of the podcast, here is Hans Zimmer’s Time, have a listen:

Two great Doctor Who pages that need supporting!

Here are some two very good pages that should be helped!

Madame Vastra & Jenny Need A Spin-Off: https://www.facebook.com/madamevastra

Lorna Bucket Need To Be The Next Companion: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lorna-Bucket-needs-to-be-the-next-companion/225253254168854

Time to get ‘liking’ & sharing! 🙂

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