"Who Da Man?"

So we’ve had the air dates confirmed for the first episode of season 7 – Asylum of The Daleks – on the BBC and BBC America. UK residents (rightly so, I’m sure they’d say) will see it on BBC1 on September the 1st at 7.20pm. Those of you in America will be able to see the episode at the same time of evening but a week later on the 8th. Sadly for we poor Australians the ABC hasn’t confirmed an air date. It’ll most likely be the 8th too, which means we’ll have to avoid spoiler even harder (#FirstWorldProblems).

Anyway, to keep the excited juices flowing, enjoy these trailers for the up coming episodes:




P.S if you wouldn’t mind tuning into the podcast where I’ll review the episodes once I’ve seen them. Oh, and until the episodes get here I’m review season 1, I’m doing Dalek, let me know your thoughts by sending them to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

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