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Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular thoughts, pics, and video!

So, on Saturday I was lucky enough to go down to Melbourne to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular! You may have already seen/heard my podcast episode about it, but here are some videos, more thoughts and some pictures.

To start off with, this was my first Doctor Who event (apart the event I make watching every episode as it airs for the first time – my inner 5 year old always comes out) and it was truly fantastic! The atmosphere in and around the building was full of excitement, much Who knowledge – and challenges/quizzes of said knowledge that I overheard, sonic screwdrivers buzzing, and a lot of excited chatter! And not just from me. I guess it was a bit of a preview of what a convention is like (oh, how I would love to go to a convention!) with many people with a deep ingrained love for the same thing, coming together to celebrate it.

So, to start off with, there were cosplayers. There were many cosplayers! We had a Tenth Doctor (see further down the post for a picture of him and myself), several 11 Doctor’s – me included, quite a few Amy’s, a lot of Rivers (that just sounds weird… “Welcome to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, mind your step, we’ve got River’s running. Running around that is!”), a Liz Ten/10, a Star Trek Captain (he got a lot of attention), and even a Sherlock Holmes! Oh, and this little guy:

Adorable! This little fella was running around the room, pointing at interesting things, and waving at people.

Up next we have the excellent Tenth Doctor cosplayer I mentioned before:

Sadly we didn’t get his converse trainers in shot, but they did complete the costume.

Now, the show. Mark Sheppard (Canton Delawar The Third in Doctor Who, Badger in Firefly – not that I have to tell you) hosted the show, and did a fantastic job doing so. He started off by telling us who his Doctor was (Jon Pertwee if you weren’t aware), then he wound us up by saying Murray Gold was among us, and we all cheered and got very (very, VERY! In my case) excited!

Eventually there guys and gals turned up!

Eventually, at the end of the show, Murray Gold himself went up on stage and played these two pieces!

A Good Man Goes To War review

I will be doing a podcast on this episode, but I really feel like doing a written review of  the BIG topic of A Good Man Goes To War, (*SPOILERS*…yes I have seen it, but if you haven’t I have to WRITE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS), well I LOVED it! If you listen to my podcast, you’ll hear (when I have time to edit and release it) my review of  The Doctor’s Wife and you’ll hear he say it’s my favourite of the season. This is right next to it. Probably just as good. This episode, like The Doctor’s Wife, has everything you need for Doctor Who, no for TV to be good.

Let’s start with the amazing acting. To me every performance is excellently pitched. First off, one of my heroes, Matt Smith did one of his best jobs in this episode (and, yet again, The Doctor’s Wife), he was given to opportunity to do just about everything! From being angry, which is fairly new, and a fantastic job showing the anger but also in showing The Doctor’s worry about being angry, and his worry of what might  happening next, because as he said, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Then he gets to act like one of the younger members out the audience and pretend to be a Spitfire.

Then we get a heartbreaking moment when he goes to hug Amy and try to help her cope, and she steps back! That shows how much she’s grown up. It may not have been deliberately but just from Matt and Karen’s acting  I got the sense of Amy growing out of having an imaginary friend (or someone out of this world) and becoming a Mum. On The Doctor’s side I saw him coming to terms with that and letting her do what she needs to try to get over the heartbreaking loss of her baby. And all of this is just from ten or fifteen seconds of this brilliant episode and of their brilliant acting!

Also this season the writing for Rory has finally reached the level the Arthur’s excellent acting! In this story he became a Dad. A brilliant Dad. The Dad I hope I will one day be! He has become a lovely man. And that’s just the character, Arthur is awesome.

I’ve got to mention The Doctor’s friends. Madame Vastra and Jenny (who need a Spin-Off, and have a Facebook page to support the cause: https://www.facebook.com/madamevastra), Lorna Bucket (who also has a Facebook page, this one is to make her a companion: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lorna-Bucket-needs-to-be-the-next-companion/225253254168854?sk=wall), Commander Strax The Sontaran Nurse (who doesn’t have a Facebook fan page, should do!) and last but not least we have Melody Pond (what a lovely name?).

So now to the elephant in the room. Who is River Song? Again, I’m going to warn about spoilers! Don’t read any more. But it was obvious, before we got Melody Pond. When I read that name when it got released online I though: ‘Aww damn it! All my thrown about it being a Wibbily-Wobbily-Timey-Whimmey resolution are thrown out of the window!’ This was the case. But the scene was brilliant! It wasn’t a great big Time-Twisting thing, it was about the drama of the piece and the acting of the wonderful cast. So…River Song is Melody Pond, Amy Pond and  Rory Willia-… Pond’s daughter. because In the langauge of the people of the Gama Forest there is no word for Pond, because: “The only water in the forest is the river”.

Speaking of the Gama Forests, we have several interesting things coming from this. Number one being one of the best characters in the episode Lorna Bucket.

Now she’s called a ‘Gama Girl’ by The Thin One (husband of The Fat One), and I’m wondering if you’re a ‘Gama Girl’ because you’re born in the Gama Forests, or if you live there, or go through a ritual of some sort, the reason I’m wondering this is because, either Melody/River Pond/Song is a Gama Girl, or she’s just very knowledgeable of the rest of the universe, like our Doctor. Talking of The Doctor well the name, or title, means ‘Mighty warrior’, this is a big thing! I think The Doctor wont stand for this. I think he’ll be going and asking for a reprint of their dictionary. And the irony in that is he may have to be fairly forceful, and violent. I think that exchange between River (Melody, take your pick) and The Doctor will have a part in following stories. It should do. In fact I can see a lot coming from the mysterious Gama Forests. Even if we don’t see it on Tele I can see many a fan-fic coming from it, and that’s just from me!

So all up, a really superb episode. So we’ll have to see how the second half of the season lives up to this half when The Doctor returns in:

It’s good to have title that brings you back!

I’ll give some more thoughts on the podcast (when I have the time to review the rest of the season! Hectic times. Good hectic though, lots going on at Drama School), but hopefully this ties you over.

My rambling thoughts on Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut.

So, we’ve all seen it have we? If you haven’t don’t read this, it does contain spoilers. Ok. Well I’m going to have to watch a few more times to get my thoughts completely straight to review it on the podcast, so I’ll just give you some points that stood out.

Ok first off, I liked it. I want to say I love it, but I’ll have to watch it again to know if I do or not. One thing I really noticed was it seemed it was really wirrten for the Amercian market. Now that’s not a bad thing, I love Amercian TV, but this was very different to the normal… British feeling/style Doctor Who normally has.

Now, some of the reasons why I was slightly let down.

1. I loved season 5.

2. I think a lot of it was just intodunced as the plot needed. For one example, after The Doctor’s been shot half way through Regeneration thus killing him, and they need to get rid of the body, Rory just happened to notice the boat. That’s why I’m going to watch it agin, it may ahve been set up, I might’ve jsut missed. Also that lead to one of the best scene, The Doctor being burnt in the boat with some absolutly brillaint music from the amazing Murray Gold, but how the story got to that scene was…for want of a better word, random. That happened a lot in this episode.

3. A bit too much sexual innuendo.

But on the positive side. As I’ve mentioned, Murray Gold’s brillaint music! Also, Matt Smith, Karen Gillain, Arthur Darvil, Alex Kingston & Mark Sheppard ALL did excellent jobs! I was really impressed with Matt Smith, you could tell that he was the older Doctor at the begining, whilst still being his normal (if that’s a word you can use to discribe The Doctor) Doctor. Then we have the ever wonderful Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil who always do fantastic jobs, they didn’t let us down this time. And as always Alex Kingston protrays the extremely interesting River Song excellently.

So there we go with my ramdon thoughts, I’ll probably go a bit more indeth on the podcast.

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