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My rambling thoughts on Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut.

So, we’ve all seen it have we? If you haven’t don’t read this, it does contain spoilers. Ok. Well I’m going to have to watch a few more times to get my thoughts completely straight to review it on the podcast, so I’ll just give you some points that stood out.

Ok first off, I liked it. I want to say I love it, but I’ll have to watch it again to know if I do or not. One thing I really noticed was it seemed it was really wirrten for the Amercian market. Now that’s not a bad thing, I love Amercian TV, but this was very different to the normal… British feeling/style Doctor Who normally has.

Now, some of the reasons why I was slightly let down.

1. I loved season 5.

2. I think a lot of it was just intodunced as the plot needed. For one example, after The Doctor’s been shot half way through Regeneration thus killing him, and they need to get rid of the body, Rory just happened to notice the boat. That’s why I’m going to watch it agin, it may ahve been set up, I might’ve jsut missed. Also that lead to one of the best scene, The Doctor being burnt in the boat with some absolutly brillaint music from the amazing Murray Gold, but how the story got to that scene was…for want of a better word, random. That happened a lot in this episode.

3. A bit too much sexual innuendo.

But on the positive side. As I’ve mentioned, Murray Gold’s brillaint music! Also, Matt Smith, Karen Gillain, Arthur Darvil, Alex Kingston & Mark Sheppard ALL did excellent jobs! I was really impressed with Matt Smith, you could tell that he was the older Doctor at the begining, whilst still being his normal (if that’s a word you can use to discribe The Doctor) Doctor. Then we have the ever wonderful Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil who always do fantastic jobs, they didn’t let us down this time. And as always Alex Kingston protrays the extremely interesting River Song excellently.

So there we go with my ramdon thoughts, I’ll probably go a bit more indeth on the podcast.

Doctor Who full length season 6 trailer.

Hello all! There has been a new Doctor Who season 6 trailer has been released! Boy it’s good! I think we’re in for so much fun! I just hope everyone just enjoys it really, because watching the trailer (just the trailer) makes me feel brilliant! If you’d like to see how you feel, watch the trailer:

So…what do we have coming up first? The Brilliant Matt Smith, The Gorgeous Karen Gillan, The Fun Arthur Darvil, and The Lovely Alex Kingston! Brilliant! And that’s just the first part of the first two-part story! WOW! Then there’s every other episode of the season, we’ve got a lot of great stuff coming!

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