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I’m moving!

Now don’t get worried, this is only for improvements, in fact, it’s already been quite helpful. I wouldn’t blame you if you’re wondering what ‘It’ is, given the complete lack of information! The ‘It’ in question is not in fact a disembodied walking hand, it’s the fact that I’ve registered a domain. That’s right, Who Is The Man can now be found at www.whoisthemanpodcast.com, there’s no .Wordpress.com needed.

This blog will stay up, but the main activity will happen at the new website. Everything will be just like normal (well, as close to normal as I can get), just somewhere else.


‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 19: Hand me a funny title.

Hello all here is episode 19! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy. In this episode I give you my hopes, fears, and preditions, I hope you enjoy! Please send in feedback to whoitm@gmail.com, whoitm@hotmail.com or to the Facebook group.

P.S sorry for the light editing job… I’m tired and editing is boring and hard!


‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 17: Stargate Universe’s pilot Air parts 1 (2 and 3).

Here is the commentary on Stargate Universe’s pilot Air parts 1, 2 and 3: ‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 17: Stargate Universe commentary, I do hope you enjoy.
Feedback about it to whoitm@hotmail.com, whoitm@gmail.com, or the to Facebook group.


My page on Stargate: https://whoisthemancast.wordpress.com/stargate

Channel Eleven’s page for Stargate Universe: http://eleven.com.au/stargate-universe.htm

Stargate Fan Zone: http://stargatefans.wordpress.com

P.S: if your wondering what the logo for this episode is, it’s and edit I did, one of several.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 12: Stargate (is in the) Whoiverse.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 12 is upon you! (So much for going fornightly…ahem). Anyway in this episode I review Doctor Who: The Tomb Of The Cybermen, and I recommend Stargate Universe to you all.

I have no feedback, but if you like to send some in send them to both, whoitm@gmail.com and whoitm@hotmail.com or at the Facebook group, or just be my friend on there.


The Facebook group

The GateWorld website

The Staggering Stories website

The 5th Race a Stargate Podcast’s website

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 9.

Logo.Here is ‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 9. In this episode I talk about Doctor Who: The Lodger, Sherlock, The Bill, and Stargate (for a bit).

I also read some feedback from Adam from The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast and a comment from Tony from The Flashing Blade podcast. If you’d like to send some feedback please do so to whoitm@hotmail.com or to the Facebook group.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 5.

A logo...Hello all here is ‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 5 where I review Doctor Who: Vampires of Venice, Stargate SG-1, and Discworld.

If you have feedback send them to whoitm@hotmail.com or at the Facebook group.

If you are looking for this podcast on iTunes you have write: ‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast.

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