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‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 25: A Good Man Staggers To War

Hello all, here is my chat with Adam J Purcell form The Staggering Stories Podcast, which you can find at: http://www.staggeringstories.net/index2.html. In this episode we talk about Doctor Who season 6 part 1, A Good Man Goes To War, Murray Gold’s bloody amazing-show-making-magic music, among other things.

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‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 19: Hand me a funny title.

Hello all here is episode 19! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy. In this episode I give you my hopes, fears, and preditions, I hope you enjoy! Please send in feedback to whoitm@gmail.com, whoitm@hotmail.com or to the Facebook group.

P.S sorry for the light editing job… I’m tired and editing is boring and hard!


‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 15: I’ve found a Soul!’

Here is ‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast rpisode 15: ‘I’ve found a Souls!’ In this episode I review a BBC audio play: Torchwood: Lost Souls. If you have any feedback about it please send it to: whoitm@hotmail.com, whoitm@gmail.com and to the Facebook group. Or you can just leave a comment here.

Also Stargate fans keep an eye on the feed for a commentary on Stargate Universe’s pilot: Air part 1 (2 and 3).


The 20MB Doctor Who podcast: http://the20mbdoctorwhopodcast.wordpress.com/

The Staggering Stories podcast: http://www.staggeringstories.net/index2.html

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 11: I Am The (Eleventh) Doctor!

Here is ‘Who’ – is the Man Cast episode 11. In this episode review/round off/ sum up Season 5 of Doctor Who.  This was a big season…or was it? We DO have got a new Executive Producer/ Head writer, a new Production Crew, a new Doctor and Companion (or is that two Companions?). BUT were the stories any good (in my opinion), have a listen and find out.

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Here are some links to thing I mentioned in the show:





‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 10.

Logo.‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 10 is now out, after a very long wait. In this episode I talk about The Doctor Who series 4- The Specials Soundtrack, Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, and play some pieces of wonderful music by Murray Gold from his Doctor Who Series 4- the Specials Soundtrack and the Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack. If you like to send some feedback to me, please do so to: whoitm@gmail.com, or to the Facebook group, or even here.

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