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‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 20: The Not So Impossible Scuba Diver

Hello lovely listeners, I give you me review of the season 6 premiere of Doctor Who, I hope you enjoy. Send your feedback to whoitm@hotmail.com, whoitm@gmail.com, or on the Facebook group.

NOTE: Sorry about the Sub-Par audio quality, this was thrown together hurridly, the next episode will be better.


Doctor Who season 6 count down time decreases and the excitement rises!

Well, the air dates for Doctor Who season 6 have been conformed for most of the world, including Canada now (Saturday April the 23rd) but not in Australia, but the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has released the Prequel for the first episode ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ (from the/a Impossible Planet?) with the ABC logo and a ‘coming soon to ABC1’ at the end, so that’s making it a bit better. If you’d like to the Prequel with the extra bits here you go:

So just seeing just those two words makes me more excited, not only because I can keep doing the podcast, but the most important part is that I feel like a five year old at the beginning of December, waiting impatiently for the presents we give and get in the commercialized Christmas we have nowadays! I can’t wait and I just hope it airs Down Under soon!

In my latest episode (https://whoisthemancast.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/who-is-the-man-podcast-episode-19-hand-me-a-funny-title/) I seemed down on whats coming (to myself anyway) but I’m really looking forward to it!

As I say in the review, I hope that Doctor Who gets back to good old adventure, and not just seasons/plot arc centered. That, I’ve just realized, it why I loved A Christmas Carol and why it’s a perfect episode for the points I mention i.e adventure ect.

So I am so very excited!

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