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Doctor Who Symphonic (hugely) Spectacular update

Apart from the fact the tickets are now available (link to where you can buy them can be found in a previous article: https://whoisthemancast.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=448&action=edit) there also the brilliant news that Mark Sheppard – or very own Canton Delaware The Third, or be it the younger version) – is going to be hosting it.

So the package is, Ben Foster coming Down Under (for his first time) to conduct the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra who will play the Doctor Who season 6 music all hosted buy the wonder Mark Sheppard. Time, if you haven’t, to get those tickets me thinks!

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 10.

Logo.‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 10 is now out, after a very long wait. In this episode I talk about The Doctor Who series 4- The Specials Soundtrack, Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, and play some pieces of wonderful music by Murray Gold from his Doctor Who Series 4- the Specials Soundtrack and the Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack. If you like to send some feedback to me, please do so to: whoitm@gmail.com, or to the Facebook group, or even here.

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