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I’m moving!

Now don’t get worried, this is only for improvements, in fact, it’s already been quite helpful. I wouldn’t blame you if you’re wondering what ‘It’ is, given the complete lack of information! The ‘It’ in question is not in fact a disembodied walking hand, it’s the fact that I’ve registered a domain. That’s right, Who Is The Man can now be found at www.whoisthemanpodcast.com, there’s no .Wordpress.com needed.

This blog will stay up, but the main activity will happen at the new website. Everything will be just like normal (well, as close to normal as I can get), just somewhere else.


‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast 38: Bobbing for topics

In this episode myself and a special guest, Robert ‘Bob’ Learmont from The Flashing Blade Podcast, chat about the RTD era. It was supposed to be a comparison of the RTD and Steven Moffat eras but I lost the second part though… oops…sorry!

Please send your feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

Also, Happy Birthday Doctor Who! And a very big thanks and much respect to Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman!

Prime NZ to air Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut on Thursday the 19th

Here is a quote from  the Doctor Who news page:

“New Zealand have finally found out when the new series of Doctor Who will arrive!

Broadcaster Prime TV have reported via Twitter that they will premiere The Impossible Astronaut on the channel on Thursday 19th May at 8.30pm.

Prime have a dedicated Doctor Who section on their website.”

Good for New Zealand getting it so soon, well, compered to last time!

But the new Doctor Who website they have is exactly the same as the new ABC one, just with Prime and not ABC.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 19: Hand me a funny title.

Hello all here is episode 19! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy. In this episode I give you my hopes, fears, and preditions, I hope you enjoy! Please send in feedback to whoitm@gmail.com, whoitm@hotmail.com or to the Facebook group.

P.S sorry for the light editing job… I’m tired and editing is boring and hard!


‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 16: The Doctor’s Empty Dance.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 16: The Doctor’s Empty Dance.

In this episode I review what are possibly the best Doctor Who stories, Doctor Who The Empty Child and the Doctor Dance’s. I also ask you what your favourite season of New Who is. Send your answers, or any kind of feedback to whoitm@hotmail.com,  whoitm@gmail.com, comment here, or on the Facebook group.


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The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast: https://the20mbdoctorwhopodcast.wordpress.com/

A LITTLE change in the next episodes.

Hello readers, in the next few episodes I;m going to have shorter, but weekly episodes. I’ve three Torchwood audio stories I’m going to review. And those stories will be: Golden Age, Lost Souls, and The Dead Line. So feedback for those stories would be very nice. So send that feedback to whoitm@hotmail.com and whoitm@gmail.com or even to the Facebook group.

Thanks lots,


‘Who’ – Is The Man Cast episode 11: I Am The (Eleventh) Doctor!

Here is ‘Who’ – is the Man Cast episode 11. In this episode review/round off/ sum up Season 5 of Doctor Who.  This was a big season…or was it? We DO have got a new Executive Producer/ Head writer, a new Production Crew, a new Doctor and Companion (or is that two Companions?). BUT were the stories any good (in my opinion), have a listen and find out.

If you agree or disagree send in your feedback to BOTH whoitm@hotmail.com and whoitm@gmail.com, or in the Facebook group.

Here are some links to thing I mentioned in the show:





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