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I’m moving!

Now don’t get worried, this is only for improvements, in fact, it’s already been quite helpful. I wouldn’t blame you if you’re wondering what ‘It’ is, given the complete lack of information! The ‘It’ in question is not in fact a disembodied walking hand, it’s the fact that I’ve registered a domain. That’s right, Who Is The Man can now be found at www.whoisthemanpodcast.com, there’s no .Wordpress.com needed.

This blog will stay up, but the main activity will happen at the new website. Everything will be just like normal (well, as close to normal as I can get), just somewhere else.


‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 49.5: Father’s Day special

This is quick extra episode with my thoughts on the episode Father’s Day, and the event itself (which it is today, here in Australia). Enjoy, and Happy Father’s Day Dad and Grandads out there!

Next time it’s Asylum Of The Daleks (New Who, Woo Hoo!), send your feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

DOWNLOAD this episode here.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 49: A show with Long Names

It’s my review of The Long Game. Next time it’ll be new first episode of season 7, The Asylum Of The Daleks, and my 50th episode! And the 2nd anniversary of the podcast too!

Send me your thoughts of Asylum to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com.

Find the show on;


Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 42: Presenting the Ramble of The Titans!

I’m back! I’ve rambled, again.

Sorry for the delay (0n the episode, and the blog post), I’ve been very busy (and WordPress wouldn’t load for me for a while).

But enjoy the latest episode: [audio: http://hw.libsyn.com/p/d/e/2/de27447fe920edcd/Who_-_Is_The_Man_Podcast_episode_42_Presenting_the_Ramble_of_The_Titans.mp%5D

Also, please, send some feedback to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

Doctor Who on iView

While ABC2 is showing all 6 seasons of New Who they also have the episodes on iView, for those of us who don’t have the DVDs to enjoy them again (well, for a bit).

They have the 2010 Christmas Special – The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe – up there for your view pleasure (depending on your thoughts): http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/873253

There is also the 2010 and Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol available: http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/691961

There is also the 2009 Special, The Next Doctor: http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/331120

I’m guessing the Marathon will be on there eventually.

Also, for older viewers they have Torchwood season 1: http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/391012

ABC2 Doctor Who tweet along.

“Fantastic!” Doctor Who is back for Aussie viewers! Every Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm starting tonight (as I type) they’re showing all of New Who from the start. Now, if you have Twitter and can use it while you’re watching, tweet your opinions to the show; @WhoITMPodcast or use the hash-tag #WhoIsTheMan, or use the name of the episode as a hash-tag, and I’ll read ’em out!

So, tomorrow night use #TheEndOfTheWorld and #WhoIsTheMan as the Hash-tag so I can find them easily and I’ll read them out, I’ll make a collection each week of tweets about each episode have them by the end of the week on the podcast.

‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast episode 39: A Martian Obsession

In this very late episode of Who’s The Man I review The Pyramids Of Mars.


Next time I’ll review The Ark In Space, so feedback please to whoisthemanpodcast@hotmail.com

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