"Who Da Man?"

In this episode myself and a special guest, Robert ‘Bob’ Learmont from The Flashing Blade Podcast, chat about the RTD era. It was supposed to be a comparison of the RTD and Steven Moffat eras but I lost the second part though… oops…sorry!

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Also, Happy Birthday Doctor Who! And a very big thanks and much respect to Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman!

Comments on: "‘Who’ – Is The Man Podcast 38: Bobbing for topics" (1)

  1. I got a lot of nostalgic enjoyment from the run through of the RTD era. The way you kept bringing up favourite quotes or brilliant scenes throughout brought back a lot of happy memories. I was in a foul mood before I listened and felt great by the end of it. There wasn’t much real discussion (no talk of recurring themes or particular strengths and weaknesses overall) and there were omissions (not a word on Captain Jack or the episode Midnight), but I appreciated what I got, especially with the extensive coverage of Series 4, my favourite. I also agree that the third series and Martha Jones are very underrated. I was a bit surprised that after all that positivity and praise, you concluded that the RTD-era “wasn’t that bad”, like that was the best that you could say! I guess you just enjoy the Moffat era much more? Makes me wonder if the negativity was reserved for the comparison episode, which makes me glad that I didn’t have to listen to it. Sorry to hear that your hard work was lost, though.

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